Sustainability and blue economy

Sustainability and BlueMagicCat, closer than ever before

One of the most important pillars of BlueMagicCat is to maintain a good relationship with the marine environment, that is why we believe in sustainability and work every day to leave a positive footprint on both the environment and society.

Since our inception, we have tried to take care of our impact on the environment and the whole team collaborates responsibly to achieve a good future.

BlueMagicCat collaborates/is member of:

Barcelona+Sostenible is a network of organizations committed to sustainability that collaborate with each other to create a city responsible with people and the environment, and from BlueMagicCat, we can say that we are very proud to be able to be part of such a good association.

Thanks to its Sustainable Barcelona Map we can discover the collaborating companies and work with them to achieve a more sustainable Barcelona.

Logo Biosphere Tourism collaborators with BlueMagicCat

Biosphere Tourism is an internationally recognized tourism certification. Thanks to their program, the entire BlueMagicCat team has been able to learn the principles of sustainability, and we are committed to continuously improve for a proper balance between our customers, the company and the environment.

Our work

As our customers are the most important thing for us, we believe in the need to inform you at all times of our measures to maintain a good relationship with sustainability and society and so that you can learn more about our commitment to the environment.

Our suppliers

We strongly believe in local, proximity business. That’s why we choose our suppliers from local businesses.

Our emissions

We strive to reduce and minimize our ship emissions. That is why one of our next projects will be to introduce electric motors in our catamarans, so you can enjoy sailing in sustainable boats.

Our recycling process

Both our team in the office and our crew and customers on the ships are committed to recycling.

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