The Golden Fish

The Golden Fish has become one of the symbols of post-Olympic Barcelona, ​​it seems to float on the Mediterranean. The sun is reflected on the golden scales of this fish-shaped sculpture that dominates the seafront of the Olympic port and the beaches of Barcelona.

It was built in 1992 by the Canadian architect Frank Gehry as an iconic element of the area facing the Olympic Games of Barcelona, ​​it is 56 meters long and 35 meters high, located on the Barceloneta seafront, at the foot of the Torre Mapfre and Hotel Arts. The animal seems to want to jump into the blue Mediterranean sea on which it climbs, in fact with the contrast with the blue of the sky gives the feeling that is in the sea.

The sculpture is formed from a large golden framework of fine stainless steel lines supported on a metallic structure: a soft and subtle shape, marked by the intensity of its golden color. It is the result of the play of solar rays on this skin, which, depending on the intensity of the light, becomes a scale and accentuates the organic form of this great piece. Visible from the beach of Barceloneta and the Olympic Port, the Peix is ​​already a consolidated icon of the city.

Curious fact

Next to the Golden Fish, there is another sculpture also by Frank Gehry, it is a sphere that seems to be about to fall from its pedestal, almost suspended in the air. It still does not have its own name and represents the perfection of geometry and its fragile and safe ordering.

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