Hotel W

The hotel W Barcelona, ​​also known as “Hotel Vela” for its sail shape as well indicates the name. It is a building 98.8 meters high although its initial height was 179 meters. Designed by the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, it is part of the expansion of the southern area of ​​the port of Barcelona. It is part of the Marriott International hotel chain.

Its construction was controversial, and various associations denounced the illegality of this project, since it involves the privatization of land in the public domain. From the same has been asking for the demolition of the building for not respecting the Law of coastal protection, since it is 20 meters from the water and in port facilities.

At the time of its presentation the project had a tower in the form of a candle that reached 168 meters, but the city council forced the architect to modify the project so as not to alter the silhouette of Barcelona that should be crowned by the two towers of the Vila Olympic, so when it was inaugurated, on October 1, 2009, it was 98.8 meters high, consisting of 26 floors and 473 rooms in total (67 suites between them).

It is just a 20-minute walk from the Barceloneta metro station and buses 17, 39 and 64 stop in front of the hotel.

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