Greater Festival of Gràcia

August is the star month to enjoy the Gràcia district of Barcelona as its main festival is celebrated, in 2017 it celebrated its bicentennial. The Greater Festival of Gràcia has been declared a Traditional Festival of National Interest by the Generalitat and distinguished with the Cross of Sant Jordi.

These festivities become a stage to enjoy some festive Catalan customs, such as the Correfocs (fire devils) or the decoration of the streets that are covered with artistic creations made with recycled materials that dress businesses, balconies and different corners with a mixture of colors and shapes. They also gather live music, the traditional proclamation in the Plaza de la Vila a day before that gives rise to the start of the festivities, activities for children and food stands.

The origin of the Greater Festival of Gràcia

These popular celebrations are celebrated in the invocation of the Virgin of Grace, they were going to be a beginning on March 25. It was also on May 15, by San Isidro, patron of the farmers of the Llano de Barcelona. Then they added the San Roque, on August 16, and the feast of the Assumption on the 15th of the same month.

To locate the origin, the day of the Assumption of the Virgin, we must go to the Costumari de Joan Amades where it explains that the transfer of dates occurs in unknown time. Another version tells us that it was a family celebration that was held annually at the end of the 17th century, in the Can Passarell farmhouse, on the occasion of the onomastics of the owner of the house and that, when she died, the family continued with the celebration. But it seems that the main event that originated the party was the day of transfer to Grace of the convent of Jesus, which was under the invocation of the Assumption. Then the feasts of the Assumption cornered the others. The Green Book of Barcelona, ​​published in 1848, describes the feast of the Assumption as the Greater Festival of Grace.

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