The BlueMagicCat catamaran is perfect to enjoy a day of fishing in Barcelona.

Fishing Boat Tours from Barcelona are perfect for all seasons, depending on the season we will use one type of fishing or another. The catamaran is a stable boat with a large space in the stern and its platform to enjoy the activity offering enough space to fish, sunbathe, bathe ...

In all our outings we will be accompanied by a professional fisherman who will guide us and direct us to the best fishing grounds according to the time of year.

Jordi Gallego, professional sports fisherman has participated in all types of championships and events at national and international level where he has been able to show that he is one of the best.

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    Fishing Modalities


    Fishing technique drifting or anchoring with which to fish Doradas, Sea Bass, Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Pagel, Sea bream, Spiders... this modality is perfect when there is sea, where while some fish the other crew will be able to enjoy a swim, take the sun... Offer these two types of fishing, the boat can leave all year, depending on the time of year, mode and bait...


    This mode is designed mainly for people who like to navigate is that the boat will always be in motion, approximately has a speed between 5 and 7 knots, it is fashionable fishing lines with special reels for this mode, enjoying the beautiful views From the coast to the sea and the sea, Bonito, jurassic, mackerel, Melva, Serviola, llampuga lilies...