Festivities of la Mercè

One of the most anticipated parties and dates in Barcelona is the Festivities of la Mercè, which are celebrated from 21 to 24 September. It is full of musical, cultural activities, free and for all audiences. The festivities are organized in honor of the patron saint of the city, the Mare de Déu de la Mercè. Created in 1871, in honor of the Virgin of Mercy, named patron of the city in 1868 by Pope Pius IX.

As a guest city we will have this year Lisbon, showing the contemporary art scene of its city that shares the same cultural and civic values ​​as the Catalan capital, as well as weaving ties between the creative community of both cities. Barcelona artists will also participate in Lisbon cultural activities throughout the year.

The key places to celebrate the Festivities of la Mercè are: the Gothic Quarter, the Ciudadela Park, the Barcelona Forum, the Mª Cristina Avenue, the CCCB, the Montjuïc Castle, the Trinity Park or the Factory of Fabra i Coats.

On the other hand, museums and historic buildings such as Monastery of Pedralbes, Picasso Museum, Blau Museum or the Palace of the Generalitat, open their doors to enjoy your ins and outs for free.

To start the festivities, there will be an inaugural parade where characters such as giants, dragons and other effigies roam the streets of Barcelona, ​​followed by a procession of drums and percussion instruments.

During the Fiestas de la Mercè, there are also the BAM festival (Barcelona Acció Musical) and Mercè Música, which bring great outdoor concerts and MAC (Mercè Arts de Carrer), an artistic proposal that brings the best urban art to the streets , outdoor shows, circus and leisure activities that will also give prominence to children.

Continuing with the music, the Pyrenees of La Mercè show at Font Màgica de Montjuic is one of the most celebrated events for children and adults during these festivities. This show is celebrated on the last day of the holidays and hypnotizes everyone who sees it as it combines the explosion of fires, water and music.

Also noteworthy is the Festa del Foc, an event that consists of the popular Correfocs, which take place in the Laietana and surrounding areas. There are two a day, one more quiet so that the youngest ones can participate, and another one at nightfall for the adults. If you attend the Correfoc you have to wear protective clothing to protect yourself from the sparks of the fireworks. Do not forget the hat, goggles and thick shirts with long sleeves.

To close the festivities, there is the Cavalcade de la Mercè with giants and big heads, which gather thousands of curious people along the main streets of the city.

Programming of the most outstanding concerts of the festivals that take place in la Mercè:

Friday 22th Saturday 23th Sunday 24th Monday 25th
Cadena 100: Parellop, Rosana & Gossos
(Av. Reina Mª Cristina)
Europa FM: Corjolà, Animal, Vuit, Brian Cross + Invited & Pepet i Marieta
(Av. Reina Mª Cristina)
Los40 POP: Bipolar, Sidonie, Leiva & DJ
(Av. Reina Mª Cristina)
RAC2105: Tildo Muxart, La Casa Azul & Doctor Prats
(Moll de la Fusta)
La Dame Blanche
(Rambla del Raval)
El día de Dial: Màia, Marta Soto, Lydia Torrejón, Lorena Gómez, Atacados, Rosa López, Antonio Carmona & Efecto Pasillo
(Parc del Forum)
(Parc del Forum)
Equiknoxx ft. Roulettes
(Rambla del Raval)
La rumba, 25 años despues de 1992: los Manolos
(Moll de la Fusta)
Sopa de Cabra
(Platja del Bogatell)
Manel (Platja del Bogatell)
Txarango (Platja del Bogatell)
Bala (Rambla del Raval)
Idiotape (Rambla del Raval)
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