Last week, Tuesday June 26, the entire BlueMagicCat team went to do a team building at CoolCycling.

For starters, what is CoolCycling?

It is a study of Cycling, a space designed and designed to make you feel free, and disconnect everything with background music while you train.
Whether to have a good time or a demanding workout.
Highly recommended, very good atmosphere and very good treatment.

Types of sessions:

  • COOL FEEL (50 min): An eternal smile while you are on your bike. Enjoy and share a very Cool experience thanks to a good music that you know. If you come accompanied sure you will enjoy double.
  • COOL EXPERIENCE (50 min): Concentrate on yourself and forget about problems. A unique musical experience created for these sessions that will transport you to another universe while you enjoy pedaling.
  • COOL HERO (75 min): Overcome your limits with a session designed to work to the fullest while you enjoy. High performance and effort mixed with emotion and a luxurious music!
  • COOL HARD (50 min): Enjoy your energy and each beat of your heart. The high intensity and your strength will be the protagonists in an ideal session to burn your problems and move without stopping.

Our team BlueMagicCat held the session COOL FEEL


They also have a point system or COOINS with which you can buy sessions and everything that is on sale in your studio. The more you invest, the more coins you will have to redeem. In addition, these are reimbursable.

Where to find them?

Calle de València, 395, 08013 Barcelona

Learn about the CoolCycling Experience.

Gerard (excellent session monitor) made us sweat, but we kept the level.

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