45th Conde Godó Sail Trophy

The Conde Godo Sailing Trophy is one of the most prestigious nautical competitions on the national calendar, organized since 1974 by the Real Club Nautico de Barcelona with the support of the Godó family.
More than 50 boats and almost 500 sailors will compete this year.


  • Will be governed by:
    • The rules of regatta as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing of the SAILING WORLD 2017 – 2020 (RRV).
    • The Cruise Technical Regulations of the RFEV in force
    • The Regulation of the ORC System and the IMS Measurement, Habitability and Equipment Rules in force.
    • The Rules of Classes J-70 and J-80 in force.
    • The Security Rules of the WORLD SAILING Category 4ª 2017-2018
    • Monotype Classes: The tests may be arbitrated in accordance with Appendix Q established in the race instructions or a jury observation system will be established.
  • In case of discrepancy, the latter will prevail and any possible modifications


Pursuant to Regulation 20.4.1 of WORLD SAILING, participants may be required to display advertising with the Sponsor’s logo, in accordance with the provisions of the Cruise Technical Regulations of the RFEV. If this rule is violated, rule 20.9.2 of the WS Regulation will apply. Participants are reminded of the obligation to display the stickers of the event in the front 20% of the helmet on each tack that will be provided by the Organizing Authority.

Minimum 6 boats, if they are not enough, they will be registered to the antecedent or precedent

CLASS GPH Registration Fees Deadline Registration
ORC 0 <505 sec.mile 440€ Saturday 19th (08:00pm)
ORC 1 505-575 sec.mile 330€ Saturday 19th (08:00pm)
ORC 2 575-605 sec.mile 275€ Saturday 19th (08:00pm)
ORC 3 605-645 sec.mile 220€ Saturday 19th (08:00pm)
ORC 4 645-700 sec.mile 170€ Saturday 19th (08:00pm)
J-70 & J-80 Monotype boats 170€ Saturday 19th (08:00pm)


Thursday 24 10:oo am – 08:00 pm ·Registration of participants
·Delivery Regatta Instructions
·Controls weight J-80 crews
Friday 25 02:30 pm ·Tests: ORC, J-70 y J-80
Saturday 26 12:00 am ·Tests: ORC, J-70 y J-80
Sunday 27 12:00 am
(Indicated in the TOA)
·Tests: ORC, J-70 y J-80
CLASS Number of Programmed Tests
(Complete Minimum 1 test)
ORC 7 Tests (Maximum 3 test/day)
J-70 & J-80 10 Tests (Maximum 4 tests/day)

Inspection, Measurements and Candle Inventory:

  • Safety and measurement controls will be carried out at any time
  • During the race, no more sails than those indicated in the current Class Regulations may be carried.
  • J-70 and J-80: During the weighing of the crews scheduled for May 24, the seal of the second spinnaker will be proceeded, checking seals and safety material


The total score of each boat will be the sum of the scores obtained in each test discarding its worst score when they have sailed and scored 4 or more tests (ORC Classes) and every 6 tests (Monotype Classes)


  • ORC Classes: According to rule 204 of the RTC in force of the RFEV (a general ORC for each of the classes that are formed)
  • J-70 & J-80: Will be established on the real-time position taken for each boat


  • An absolute winner in each of the classes that are formed
  • A “ClubSwan Award” Trophy for the best qualified Swan boat (the regulation that regulates the trophy will be published in the TOA)
  • The complete list of Trophies to be distributed before the start of the tests will be published on the Official Notice Board (TOA).

Social Events / Awards Ceremony:

  • Awards Ceremony: It will take place once published the General Classifications of the tests on Sunday, May 27, 2018
  • Social Acts: Will be published in the TOA


  • Considered of Category 4 according to the Special Rules for High Sea Regattas of the WORLD SAILING in force
  • All boats must be equipped with a VHF radio with channel 16 and the official race communication channels indicated in the Sailing Instructions.
  • Mandatory that all participating boats use their own motor to navigate the waters of the Port of Barcelona and respect the rules of navigation in that port
  • It will be the responsibility of the shipowner or representative of each ship to comply with the legal norms established for pleasure craft.


  • A reserved berth will be assigned to the RCNB between May 19 and June 1, 2018.
  • The berths during said dates will be free and will be occupied under the entire responsibility of the owner or skipper of each boat participating in the race.
  • The ORGANIZING ENTITY may contemplate special cases and reserves the right to assign the berths to the vessels in strict order of registration, depending on their size and draft
  • The boats must be afloat before 11.00am on the first day of competition and for the duration of the race, no boat can be beached without written authorization from the Race Official.
  • In case of urgent need of stranded, it will be necessary to communicate by radio, telephone or otherwise with the Race Officer and if this is not achieved, authorization may be requested later.
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