The team

The BlueMagicCat team is aware of the importance of every event. With more than ten years’ experience in the boating sector, we specialise in group events and exclusive services for individuals and businesses.

More than 26,000 people place their trust in our services, including the best-known companies in the world.

alquiler barcos barcelona charters bluemagiccat xevi

Xevi Selis: Skipper & Manager

Linked to the sea, and to the nautical sector for more than 20 years, Xevi is one of those who thinks that the nerves before each departure lead to everything being perfect and in place.

alquiler barcos barcelona charters bluemagiccat ignasi

Ignasi Ticó: Skipper & Manager

I have turned the love for the sea into work, retailer for everything and excited in every navigation. The smile of the client at the end of each trip, the most rewarding.

alquiler barcos barcelona charters bluemagiccat emma

Emma L’helgoualc’h:
Sailor & Sales

Investing in what I undertake, I like to organize outings in the sea that meet the expectations of the clients. I love sailing and I like to accompany them to share this happiness with them.

alquiler barcos barcelona charters bluemagiccat daniel

Daniel: Sailor & Sales

Water has always been my element. No matter if swimming, surfing or sailing, it gives me the sensation of feeling free. Exceeding customers’ expectations has never been as easy as it is in Barcelona.