Exclusive Trips

An exclusive trip on a BlueMagicCat catamaran on the sailboat means you can go on the boat with all your friends. It will be a private party with a special atmosphere, with your music and the sea breeze, sailing and enjoying the best views of Barcelona from the sea during the day or at sunset.

We prepare Spotify playlists (on-board wi-fi) so you can have the best possible time on the BlueMagicCat catamaran or the sailboat. You can dance with the best music selections, swim and have fun with paddle surfing or inflatable toys.

You will enjoy the wonderful private atmosphere in the best setting, with the best views of Barcelona.

While sailing, you will be able to sample a selection of seasonal fruit accompanied by soft drinks, white wine and cava.

The BlueMagicCat catamaran and the sailboat is ready to offer you the best.

The stability of the catamaran and its comfort make it the best option for holding corporate events in Barcelona, product presentations, announcements, team-building, etc. A business meeting in a relaxed atmosphere, outside the office, allows you to create and develop new ideas for the coming season. If it has been a tough year and targets have been met, this is the best reward you can offer your team, boosting their motivation and energy to carry on progressing and growing at the company.

Why not complete your sailing trip with catering or an extra activity, such as a gin and tonic experience, ham tasting (Enrique Tomás), or playing golf?

Find out about our packages and unique, exclusive experiences on board the BlueMagicCat catamaran or the sailboat.